Two Simple Promises

As December 31 approaches, I find myself pondering New Year’s resolutions. From year to year they haven’t changed. I’ve promised to eat healthy, which is always accompanied by exercise. Committing to improve lifestyle choices is a noble act. The truth is, theses pledges are simply unrealistic. The key to keeping fit and eating healthy requires dedication, willpower and plenty of energy. When a delicious, freshly baked brownie presents itself, the salads fade away and the gym shoes get tucked back in the bag.

 For 2010, my outlook is different. As a student, I’m dedicated to keeping two simple promises. First, avoid breaking the bank, by not wasting money. Second, receive A+’s on assignments, not in procrastinating. Achievable, beneficial and realistic, these two resolutions go hand in hand.

Living in the lap of luxury, is a lifestyle I cannot keep up. With no set salary, the budget is tight. Shopping adventures, fancy dinners, coffee dates with friends are all put on hold. Staying in allows me to save money by keeping the bank book balanced and more time to do work not procrastinate.Procrastination is just inescapable. When it comes to doing homework, tomorrow always seems like the better option. I’ll spend more time thinking about what needs to get done than actually doing it. And don’t get me started about doing homework on the computer. Easy access to the internet means more time on Facebook, or watching T.V online, more appealing alternatives than the daunting 8-page assignment.

The four simple words of “I’ll do it later” won’t escape my lips. Old habits get thrown out the window and time management, a helpful organizational tool to avoid procrastination becomes my new best friend.


It’s All About Chemistry

DING! The bell goes off and you quickly scurry to the next table. You have exactly 10 minutes to impress. Sound familiar? It’s not what you think.

We have all heard of the term speed dating, is a formalized dating process to help singles find “THE ONE.” Men and women rotate around tables wooing their way to a potential mate’s heart. What may seem as a fun and creative way to meet others, speed dating can and is (I know from experience) a nerve-wracking, sometimes embarrassing (when you sit in front of someone you already know, and never wanted to see at such an event) experience.  It feels as if you’re at an interview, answering generic questions, giving your best sales pitch.

Mimicking the speed-dating model, time constrained professionals have adopted speed-interviewing. A technique, that allows for employers to have face to face time with multiple prospects in the least amount of time. The traditional, formal way of interviewing may soon be a thing of the past, and 10 minutes sale pitches the way to landing your dream job.

So are we as future PR professionals, in search of the perfect job ready to date? I welcome the idea and opportunity to meet with multiple representatives of a company in one shot. There is little room for puffery, and you can quickly learn useful skills on how to make a lasting first impression. The purpose is clear, this is networking at its finest.

So how does one go about wooing and impressing their potential employer in 10 minutes? According to Kaye Monty, speed-interviews are simply conversations. Be ready to answer all the generic questions that are ALWAYS asked, with less time to answer! the format is pretty much the same.

Based on experience, you can tell when there is a connection. You know when the employer likes you; it’s like a sixth sense. Speed-interviewing is the stepping stone for both employers and potential candidates to test out the waters and see if there is a fit. If all signs point to YES, a second, more formal interview is arranged.

Speed-interviews is a test for employers to find fit and attitude. It is more than what’s written in your CV (which will be given regardless), it is demonstrating your ability to represent yourself effectively, a task you may one day do for the company. In a room of 30 or 40 other people you may look the part and have the skills on paper, but do you have the verbal ability to land the job?

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